Warrant and Last In Line make their Debuts at The Forum in Hazard at The Hal Rogers Center via An Evening with Concert Series.

Millions of Albums to their credit and countless World Tours “Warrant” performs at The Forum in Hazard,Ky on July-21st. Doors open at 7pm. All show info along with ticket prices can be found by calling the Box Office at 606-434-8648 Daily from 7am-9pm.

Their current album Rockaholic (May 2011; Frontiers Records) has been highly regarded and reviewed peaking at #22 on the Billboard Hard Rock Albums chart.
Discography: Billboard Singles:
2011 – Rockaholic (Frontiers Records) 1992 – Machine Gun (Mainstream Rock; #36)
2010 – Belly to Belly, Vol 1. (Sanctuary) 1992 – We Will Rock You (Billboard Hot 100; #83)
2006 – Born Again (Cleopatra) 1991 – Blind Faith (Mainstream Rock; #39)
2001 – Under the Influence (Perris) 1991 – Blind Faith (Billboard Hot 100; #88)
1996 – Belly to Belly (CMC International) 1991 – Uncle Tom’s Cabin (Mainstream Rock; #19)
1995 – Ultraphobic (CMC International) 1991 – Uncle Tom’s Cabin (Billboard Hot 100; #78)
1992 – Dog Eat Dog (Columbia) 1990 – Cherry Pie (Mainstream Rock; #19)
1990 – Cherry Pie (Columbia) 1990 – Cherry Pie (Billboard Hot 100; #10)
1989 – Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich (Columbia) 1990 – I Saw Red (Mainstream Rock; #14)
1990 – I Saw Red (Billboard Hot 100; #10)
RIAA Certified: 1990 – Sometimes She Cries (Mainstream Rock; #11)
1992 – Dog Eat Dog (GOLD) 1989 – Big Talk (Mainstream Rock; #30)
1991 – Cherry Pie (2x Platinum) 1989 – Big Talk (Billboard Hot 100; #93)
1990 – Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich (2x Platinum) 1989 – Down Boys (Mainstream Rock; #13)
1989 – Heaven (single) (GOLD) 1989 – Down Boys (Billboard Hot 100; #27)
1989 – Heaven (Mainstream Rock; #3)
Billboard Albums: 1989 – Heaven (Billboard Hot 100; #2)
2011 – Rockaholic (Top Hard Rock Albums; #22) 1989 – Sometimes She Cries (Billboard Hot 100; #20)
1992 – Dog Eat Dog (Billboard 200; #25)
1990 – Cherry Pie (Billboard 200; #7)
1989 – Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich (Billboard 200; #10)


A rare chance to see these Iconic players in Kentucky at The Forum in Hazard,Kentucky. Call for information and tickets at 606-434-8648.

What started as a casual reunion jam in a Los Angeles rehearsal room in 2011 has grown into a fully-fledged project that has taken on a life of its own. Last In Line, the band, takes its name from the second Dio album released in 1984. Vinny Appice, Jimmy Bain and Vivian Campbell were Ronnie Dio’s co-conspirators and co-writers on the “Holy Diver”, “Last In Line” and “Sacred Heart” albums – these records have gone on to become part of rock history.

During that first jam it was apparent that the chemistry of the original band was very much intact – even after a 27 year hiatus. The excitement generated by that rediscovery led to a second session, where this time they called in acclaimed vocalist Andrew Freeman. Hearing Andrew’s interpretations of the original Dio songs was a revelation and the inspiration to move forward as a band.

Over the ensuing years a handful of local LA shows led to a handful of overseas shows in the U.K. and Japan, and eventually to an offer from Frontiers to record a new album of original material.

During the course of 2014 the band wrote and recorded 12 new songs and chose longtime friend Jeff Pilson as producer. Jeff very much captured the organic crunch of the band and the very best in Andrew’s voice and delivery.

Last In Line’s debut album, “Heavy Crown” was released in February 2016, with the singles “Devil In Me” and “Starmaker” leading the charge. But the release was preceded by tragedy, when Jimmy Bain passed away at the age of 68 on January 23rd, another great musician taken from us far too soon.

Jimmy was immensely proud of the new album and his input to “Heavy Crown” was immeasurable. “We will continue to celebrate his life through his music.. Rest in peace, dear friend.”..Viv

Earlier this year Last In Line played a handful of shows, including headlining both the frontiers Rock Festival in Milan and the Metal Stage at the Rocklahoma Festival, bringing in renowned bassist Phil Soussan and keyboardist Erik Norlander. The gigs featured tracks from “Heavy Crown” alongside songs from those classic Dio albums.

With “Heavy Crown” finally being released on gatefold vinyl on August 26th, Last In Line will take that line up out on a full European tour in November 2016 appearing as special guests to Saxon on selected European dates and headlining a raft of venues across the UK.